Ideal for a limitless range of creative purposes. Our cabins can be joined, stacked, compartmentalised or altered to become pop-up retail spaces, blast-proof shelters, telecommunications stations and more.

Office Container

Available in 10’ X 8’, 20’ X 8’, 40’ X 8’

Standard items included : Wooden door, Aluminium Sliding Window, Painting, Flooring, Light, Aircon, Socket.

Toilet Container

Available in 20’ X 8’, 40’ X 8’

Standard items included : PVC door, Louver Window, Painting, Flooring, Light.

Turnstile Container

Turnstile Container

  • with or without Guard House
  • With or without software

Customised Container

Customization Container for

  • F & B
  • Event


We provide special and unique cabin customization and value added services to cater to all needs and purposes for our container cabins.

Air Conditioning system

Wall Fans


Power point

Office Desk

Office Chairs

Service brochure


We can customise cabin to suit various functions and clients requirements. Our specialised and customised cabins are designed to meet highly specific technical or finishing requirements such as event booths , showrooms, retails stores, control station, medical facilities telecommunication equipment and biometric access control station.

As one of the top builder for structural construction, we create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients. Download our brochure for more.